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Gamma Gamma Chi Sorority (2006)

As the number of practicing Muslims in the U.S. grows, they are influencing a number of American institutions, including colleges and universities. Many schools have formed Islamic Studies programs in recent years, offering education about Islam and the Muslim world … Continue reading

Global Dharma Conference (2003)

Organizers According to a Global Dharma Committee press release on July 30, 2003, the Global Dharma Conference was considered by its organizers to be the “largest event ever organized by second-generation Indian American Community…(which)…brought together approximately 2,000 attendees from across … Continue reading

Gujarati Hindu Temples in Metropolitan Houston (2007)

The Gujarati community in the Houston metropolitan area includes more than twenty-five thousand persons and is part of a wider Asian-Indian population in the city [1]. Gujaratis have exhibited remarkable patterns of assimilation and adaptation, and have become fully integrated … Continue reading