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Wynne v. Great Falls, SC (2005)

In the rural town of Great Falls, South Carolina, Darla Wynne requested that prayers used to open Town Council meetings not privilege a deity exclusive to one particular faith. Wynne, a Wiccan priestess, won her court case putting a stop … Continue reading

Young Global Leaders Summit (2006)

“Long before our differences, we are human.” – Andrea Bartoli, Director, Center for International Conflict Resolution, Columbia University On July 8, 2006, a Young Global Leaders Summit, sponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), was held in New York City, … Continue reading

Young Jains of America Convention (2006)

More than 600 young, enthusiastic, and curious Jains assembled in Stamford, Connecticut from July 1-4, 2006. Congregating in the Westin Hotel in the heart of Stamford, youth arrived from across the United States, in addition to Canada, Singapore, and India. … Continue reading