On Common Ground: World Religions in America and are dedicated to the people of the many religious, secular, and interfaith communities throughout the United States who have welcomed us into your midst and have given generously of your time to make this project possible. Thank you.

On Common Ground: World Religions in America was first published by Columbia University Press in 1997 as a CD-ROM and initially funded with a three-year grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. and with the support and encouragement of Craig Dykstra. The development and production of the Pluralism Project Interactive was supported with grants from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., the Pew Charitable Trusts, the North Star Fund, and the Templeton Foundation. The Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation have provided support for our ongoing research and work. The Pluralism Project is deeply grateful for the support of these foundations, individual contributors and long-time friends of the Project, and to Harvard University for its many forms of support for On Common Ground.

2013 Project Team: On Common Ground: World Religions in America 

Principal Investigator, Author, Editor (1.0 & 2.0): Diana L. Eck
Webmaster, Programmer: Ryan R. Overbey
Pluralism Project Research Director: Elinor Pierce
Pluralism Project Assistant Director, Project Manager: Whittney Barth
Web Designer: Sarabjot Kaur (Creative Stride)

America’s Many Religions
Afro-Caribbean: Tracey Hucks
Atheism/Humanism: Greg Epstein, James Croft, Chris Stedman, Chelsea Link
Bahá’í: Robert Stockman
Buddhism: Ryan Overbey; Joshua Whitson
Christianity: Peter W. Williams; Whittney Barth, Matt Bowman, Jaisy Joseph
Confucianism: Ryan Overbey; Joshua Whitson
Daoism: Ryan Overbey; Joshua Whitson
Hinduism: Diana L. Eck; Melissa Nozell
Jainism: Darshana Shah, Prandip Shah, Pravin Shah
Judaism: Benjamin Baerer, Rabbi Or Rose; April Winebrenner-Palo
Interfaith: See acknowledgments for America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: An Emerging Landscape
Islam: Diana L. Eck; Melissa Nozell; Amrita Dani
Native Peoples’ Traditions: Michael McNally; Whittney Barth
Paganism: Christine Hoff Kraemer
Shintō: Ryan Overbey; Joshua Whitson
Sikhism: Harpreet Singh; Melissa Nozell
Unitarian Universalism: Daniel McKanan; Chris Alburger
Zoroastrianism: Daryush Mehta, Firoze Jungalwala, Cyrus Mehta, Firdosh Mehta, Farhad Panthaki

A New Religious Landscape
Pluralism Project Researchers: Chris Alburger, Kristin Arn, Amrita Dani, Claire Droste, Paul Escobar, Erin Cahill, Caitlin Casey, Isabel Hebert, Kayla Jackson, Abbas Jaffer, Sehrish Khan, Emily Kremer-McNeil, Dandan Liu, Aaron Lerner, Sara Lytle, Io Montecillo, Vanessa Navarro, Melissa Nozell, Terry Shoemaker, Joshua Whitson, April Winebrenner Palo, and Dina Yazdani.

Additional researchers (post-2013) include: Halah Ahmad, Emma Bass, Mahek Bhojani, Shannon Boley, Brian Cropper, Faezeh Fathizadeh, Michael Friedman, Gigi Gonzales, Charlotte Isaac, Jem Jebbia, Margaret Krueger, Mary Kate Long, Zuzu Myers Lisa Mishra, Cody Musselman, Annabel Lindau, Dr. Brent Plate, Emmett Potts, Retika Rajbhandari, Avi Rothfeld, Yusra Syed, Lewis West, Donald Westbrook, Anna Lee White, and Jessie Wyatt.

Mapping in the 2013 version was made possible by WorldMap, a service hosted by the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University. Mapping in the 2016 update is made possible by Google maps.

Encountering Religious Diversity
Today’s Challenges: Brendan Randall; Whittney Barth, April Winebrenner-Palo
Historical Perspectives: Whittney Barth, Paul Escobar, April Winebrenner-Palo

The longevity of the On Common Ground resource and this most recent update would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team which produced the original CD-ROM resource in the mid-1990s.

1997 Project Team: On Common Ground: World Religions in America

Principal Investigator, Author, Editor: Diana L. Eck
Producer, Principal Interviewer, Movie Director: Susan A. Shumaker (Stone Circle Productions, Inc.)
Designer: Than Saffel (Stone Circle Productions, Inc.)
Programmer: Steve Blake (Steve Blake Design)
Executive Project Manager: Terry Kay Rockefeller
Associate Project Manager: Rachel Antell
Pluralism Project Research Director: Elinor J. Pierce
Pluralism Project Manager: Grove Harris
Pluralism Project Webmaster: Alan Wagner
Photographic Editors: Lucy Tinkcombe, Geri Engberg

Other Pluralism Project Staff: Annie Astley, Julie Barker, Kristin Barstow, Michelle Cappalla, Bob Clark, Susan Fansler, Monbill Fung, Steven J. Gelberg, Courtney Goto, Robin Lewis, Zeeshan Haasan, Bob Linscott, Neelima Shukla-Bhatt, Grant Upson
Rights Procurement: Julie Barker, Clare Giles, Judith Grove Harris, Elizabeth Janiak, Jack Pan, Wendy Robison, Beth Varro

Movie and Video Production: Susan Shumaker (producer), Rachel Antell, Steve Blake, Tom Diamond, Geri Gengberg, Michael McNally, Elinor J. Pierce, Lucy Tinkcombe
Audio Research, Editing, and Production: Susan Shumaker (producer), Eric Bickernicks, Jenny Juyun Song

Graphic Design and Production: Than Saffel (designer), Tom Diamond, David Formanek, Steve Jenkins, Lucy Tinkcombe, Geri Engberg

Website Research and Production: Grove Harris, Elinor J. Pierce, Alan Wagner, Than Saffel, Hao Shen, Susan Shumaker, Emily Tucker

America’s Many Religions
Afro-Caribbean: Karen McCarthy Brown; J. Lorand Matory, Tracey Hucks
Bahá’í: Robert Stockman
Buddhism: Charles Hallisey, Havanpola Ratanasara, Donald Swearer, Helen Tworkov; Stuart Chandler, Duncan Williams
Christianity: Reverend Dorothy Austin, Father J. Bryan Hehir, James W. Lewis, Melanie May, Tyler Roberts; Marie Griffiths, Sarah McClintock (profiles), Richard Seager (Christianity in America)
Confucianism: Wen-Jie Qin; Stuart Chandler
Daoism: Wen-Jie Qin; Stuart Chandler
Hinduism: Diana L. Eck; Rachel Antell (profiles)
Jainism: Pravin Shah; Vivek Maru, Holly Seeling (Jainism in America)
Judaism: Nathan Glazer, Rabbi Bernard Steinberg; Rachel Antell (Jewish Experience), David Kaufman, Sarah McClintock (profiles)
Islam: Ali Asani, Ihsan Bagby, William Graham, Yvonne Haddad, Azizah al-Hibri, Shabbir Mansuri, Fareed Numan, Muzammil Siddiqi; Elinor Pierce, Lance Laird
Interfaith: Chris Coble (Interfaith Organizations, Interfaith Worship), Courtney Goto (Interfaith Organizations)
Native Peoples’ Traditions: Inez Talamantez; Michael McNally
Paganism: Selena Fox, Brigit McCallum; Judith Grove Harris
Shintō: Helen Hardacre
Sikhism: Gurinder Singh Mann; Satnam Khalsa
Zoroastrianism: Farhang Mehr, Rohinton Rivetna, Elinor Pierce

Encountering Religious Diversity
Today’s Challenges: Nathan Glazer (Pluralism); Chloe Breyer (Not in this Neighborhood), Julie Ann Canniff (Education), Chris Coble (Interfaith Organizations, Interfaith Worship), Caroline Sadlowski (Education)
Historical Perspectives: Rebecca Kneale Gould, Douglas Hicks

We are also grateful to the insights and careful work of the several anonymous reviewers who commented on the original manuscript for Columbia University Press.

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