“Women’s Votes, Womens Voices” Highlights Religious Women’s Concerns

Source: Yahoo News/ Pluralism Project Harvard University


On September 14, 2004 Yahoo News/ Pluralism Project Harvard University reported, “religious women voters may well decide the election, yet their vital voices are rarely heard in the public conversation. On September 13, a groundbreaking and historic meeting at the National Press Club convened women from a range of religious and advocacy organizations for ‘Religion & Politics 2004: Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices.’ Dr. Diana L. Eck of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University outlined the voting power of religious women: ‘The Gallup polls tell us that women are more involved in their religious communities. They form a greater percentage of engaged participants and on the whole are more likely to vote on issues that are more identified with Democrats. Not only are a greater percentage of religiously motivated voters women, a greater percentage of women are registered to vote, and also a greater percentage of undecided voters are women – 65 percent’. Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Muslim panelists expressed concerns about the marginalization of their communities. Women of diverse faiths [also] expressed common concerns about economic and social justice.”