Faith Healer: Erol Josue Uses Music to Rehabilitate Voodoo’s Image

Author: Robert C. Young

Source: Boston Herald

Erol Josue is a Haitian vodou (voodoo) priest inspired by a higher power – yet he makes some of the earthiest Caribbean roots music you’ve ever heard.

The singer, who visits Johnny D’s tomorrow to mark the release of his new CD, “Regleman,” doesn’t want listeners to merely move to his “electro vodou.” Josue wants them to understand that his religion isn’t about black magic, zombies and dolls with pins stuck in them.

“It’s about community, and about love, independence and revolution,” said the 34-year-old New York-based artist known as “The Prince of Haitian Roots

Music.” “My biggest problem is when television and Hollywood present the stereotype of vodou – people drinking blood, people as cannibals. When people see that they think that is vodou, which is not true.

“We believe in God – Granmet in Creole – who is the architect of the universe. With my music I want to cross over to present the real faith of Haiti, of vodou.”