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In The Wake Of Recent Attacks, Boston’s Jewish And Muslim Communities Connect In Solidarity

On Massachusetts’ third annual Open Mosque Day on Sunday, 18 mosques across the commonwealth opened their doors to the larger public as members answered questions and gave their neighbors a chance to get to know their local Muslim community. After prayer and a video presentation, Kashif Syed, who represents the outreach team at the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge, opened the floor for questions. One woman raised her hand to ask about oppression: “How does your community deal with that?” “We put ou

Source: In The Wake Of Recent Attacks, Boston’s Jewish And Muslim Communities Connect In Solidarity

Rabbis: ‘Not kosher’ to buy at grocery store during strike 

As thousands of Stop & Shop workers remain on strike in New England, some Jewish families are preparing for Passover without the region’s largest supermarket chain, which has deep roots in the local Jewish community.A number of rabbis in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have been advising their congregations not to cross picket lines to buy Jewish holiday essentials at the store that one analyst says has the highest sales of kosher products among New England grocery stores. More than 30,000 Sto

Source: Rabbis: ‘Not kosher’ to buy at grocery store during strike – The Washington Post

Sociologists to Research ‘Who is a JewBu?’

Author: Charles Radin

Source: Brandeis NOW

Who are the JewBus? What is a JewBu?


These and other, more-sophisticated questions about the meeting of the distinctive cultures, traditions and practices of Judaism and Buddhism are being asked by two members of the Sociology faculty, Associate Professor Wendy Cadge and Assistant Professor Sara Shostak, in research they began this month with Emily Sigalow, a student in the joint Ph.D. program in Sociology and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

Clergy Join to Fight Housing Law Repeal

Author: David Abel

Source: The Boston Globe

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy gathered yesterday at Trinity Church in Copley Square to urge Massachusetts residents to vote no on Question 2, which would repeal the state’s affordable housing law.


They said overturning the law, known as Chapter 40B, would make it harder to build homes for senior citizens, working families, and others in need of affordable housing.

ADL Leaders Defend Opposition to Mosque Near Ground Zero

Author: David Abel

Source: The Boston Globe

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, was confronted at the organization’s annual meeting today in Boston by members who suggested his opposition to a proposed Islamic center near the site of the terrorist attacks in New York has sullied the century-old organization’s reputation for fighting prejudice and promoting religious freedom.

After Foxman delivered an address about the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States, one audience member at the Sheraton Boston Hotel urged him to consider changing the leadership’s position about the location of the so-called Ground Zero mosque. He described it as “wrong substantively and wrong strategically” and said it put the ADL “in bed with bigots” and gives them “the cover of legitimacy.”

Free Israel Tours Bolster Ties With Young US Jews

Author: Lisa Wangsness

Source: Boston Globe

Michael Silverman, a 21-year-old Northeastern University student who grew up in Needham, had not thought about Israel much before this spring. An electrical engineering major, he was not interested in the political situation there, and he had not regularly attended synagogue through most of his adolescence.

When he got the chance to travel there for free, he signed up; it sounded like fun.

But he never anticipated that the trip would transform him into someone who cares deeply about Israel and whose religious practice now includes daily prayer.

Muslims And Jews Gather In Cambridge to Break a Fast, And Raise Money for Pakistan Flood Victims

Author: Masha Rifkin

Source: The Boston Globe

Two hundred Muslims and Jews gathered in Cambridge Monday evening to share an iftar: the evening meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan.

The dinner was organized jointly by the American Jewish Committee Boston chapter (AJC) and the American Islamic Congress (AIC) in order to raise funds for victims of the flood in Pakistan.

Traditional Moroccan Festival Uniting Jews, Muslims At Close Of Passover Comes to Somerville

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Wicked Local Somerville

Prism and the American Islamic Congress are partnering to create a multicultural evening of music, art, dance and food based on the North African tradition of Mimouna, in which Moroccan Jews mark the end of Passover by celebrating with their Muslim neighbors. Prism and the AIC are non-religious organizations created to raise awareness of Jewish and Muslim cultures, respectively.

“By working together with the American Islamic Congress, we hope to create a unique interfaith cultural event that will bring together Jews, Muslims and members of the broader community to celebrate their common cultural heritage, just as it was in the original Mimouna festivals,” said Francine Achbar, executive director of the New Center for Arts and Culture. “We are excited by our partnership with the American Islamic Congress and hope to make this an important and enjoyable tradition in the Boston area for many years to come.”

Mock Trial Group to Accommodate Shabbat

Author: Staff Writer

Source: JTA

The American Mock Trial Association has changed its official policy to accommodate Jewish students who observe the Sabbath.

The organization’s board of directors amended the rules to allow a team to change its trial schedule for the National High School Mock Trial Championship if it conflicts with the religious beliefs of one of its members.

The changes will become effective with the 2010 competition.