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Buddhist life release – The Martha’s Vineyard Times

Bodhi Path MV presents the fifth annual lobster release ceremony at the Memorial Wharf in Edgartown on Sunday, July 28, from 3 to 4 pm. Bodhi Path will purchase lobsters, and Trinlay Rinpoche will lead a short ceremony and blessing, then the lobsters will be released into the water. Life release is a traditional practice […]

Source: Buddhist life release – The Martha’s Vineyard Times

Sociologists to Research ‘Who is a JewBu?’

Author: Charles Radin

Source: Brandeis NOW

Who are the JewBus? What is a JewBu?


These and other, more-sophisticated questions about the meeting of the distinctive cultures, traditions and practices of Judaism and Buddhism are being asked by two members of the Sociology faculty, Associate Professor Wendy Cadge and Assistant Professor Sara Shostak, in research they began this month with Emily Sigalow, a student in the joint Ph.D. program in Sociology and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

On Weekends, Preserving a Culture

Author: Sarah Corrigan

Source: The Boston Globe

Every Sunday, Nichanan Agrasuta, 17, of Framingham, drives 45 minutes to Raynham to spend two hours tutoring patrons of the Wat Nawamintararachutis Thai Buddhist temple in both English language and Thai culture studies. Like many other volunteers, Agrasuta finds value in helping others, but what she receives in return goes deeper than just personal satisfaction.

Monks In Their Midst

Author: Christine Legere

Source: The Boston Globe

A quiet neighborhood along Raynham’s South Street East is slated to have an unlikely addition soon to its mix of modest homes and small businesses: an ornate Thai Buddhist wat, or temple, the likes of which won’t be found anywhere outside of Thailand, according to its principal designing architect.

Buddhist Relics to Visit City

Author: Bronislaus B. Kush

Source: The Buddhist Channel/The Worcester Telegram,9610,0,0,1,0

The life story and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama – a wealthy prince born in northern India sometime between the fifth and sixth centuries B.C. — laid the foundations for the establishment of Buddhism, the world’s fourth largest religion.

After his death, Gautama, who’s revered as the historical Buddha, was cremated.


This weekend, hundreds are expected to visit Worcester to view a precious collection of about 1,000 sacred Buddhist relics, which include pearl-like crystals that were reputedly found among the former royal’s remains.

Plans for 60-Foot-High Theravada Buddhist Temple OK’d By Raynham Planners

Author: Susan Parkou Weinstein

Source: The Buddhist Channel/Wicked Local Raynham,9549,0,0,1,0

Four years after setting up home and shrine in a humble New England farmhouse, a group of Thai Buddhist monks is preparing for grander quarters.



By 2012, a sprawling 60-foot-high Theravada Buddhist temple and meditation center will rise from the South Street East property. It will be topped by a 180-foot golden spire.