Frequently Asked Questions

What is pluralism? What does the Pluralism Project do?

Our mission is “engaging, educating and strengthening the next generation of religious and civic leaders in the United States.”

To learn more about the realities of religious diversity in America and our research, please see our online resource On Common Ground: World Religions in America, Case Study Initiative, and pilot study America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: An Emerging Landscape.

How has religion changed over the last ten years in my home state?

Checking out our online resources will give you an idea of the way your home state has changed over time. First, our database of Religious Diversity News articles is searchable so you can explore articles about your state. Next, visit the Landscape section of On Common Ground to see if we have mapped religious diversity in your area. Finally, several articles written by Diana Eck and our affiliates can provide a background about changes on a national level, giving a broad context to local examples.

Can you help me learn about Buddhism (or Islam, or Sikhism, etc)?

On Common Ground: World Religions in America offers many resources to help you with your search, especially the Religion section. Our site also includes research reports, center profiles, newsfeeds, and bibliographies for many traditions.

You might also be interested in talking to a member of the tradition, or in attending an open house or community education program hosted by a local religious center. Use our searchable Directory of Religious Centers to find a religious community in your area.

Finally, if you are interested in taking a more formal, academic class on this tradition, we suggest looking into local colleges and universities that might offer classes that would suit your needs.

How many Buddhists/Hindus/Muslims are there in my home state? In the U.S.?

We have collected links to a few resources to help you explore this question. These links will point you to different organizations and some of their most recent reports. You can also search our Religious Diversity News archive using “statistics” as a keyword for additional information. Our archived page on statistics, first compiled over a decade ago, may also be of historical interest.

Resources and organizations that estimate the populations of religious communities in the United States:

The Association of Religion Data Archives |

Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life |

Public Religion Research Institute |

I am looking for a Buddhist/Hindu/Muslim speaker for an interfaith panel in my hometown. Can you recommend someone?

The Pluralism Project does not maintain a national speaker list; however, our online Directory of Religious Centers may provide some help. Check the directory for local interfaith groups who may have such a list for your area. You can also check the directory for local temples, mosques, gurdwaras and centers near you that may be able to supply you with the contacts you need.

I want to start an interfaith group. What resources can you suggest to help me get started?

We have compiled a list of our resources related to interfaith engagement, including our pilot study on interfaith initiatives, relevant research reports, and affiliate projects. Our pilot study, America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: An Emerging Landscape, features promising practices and case studies from different cities around the country.

We also maintain a collection of selected links that point to a variety of interfaith groups that may have guides, suggestions and tips, and other helpful information.

In the Encounter section of our site you can also find historical information about the interfaith movement.

What resources do you have on religious diversity and the environment, religious diversity and poverty, religious diversity and the workplace, etc.?

The best way to find these resources is to do an overall website search with key terms. You can search using your interest (poverty, environment, peace, etc.) as a keyword, which will lead you to related research. For example, a search for “Environment” will provide our “Selected Links: Interfaith Environmental Resources” and a search for “workplace” will provide Dr. Douglas Hicks’ work on religion and the workplace as well as a research report on religious diversity and the workplace. Our Religious Diversity News archive can also be searched by keyword to provide you with leads. For more current news stories, check out our Religion Diversity Newsfeed.

I’d like to invite Diana Eck to speak. What is the best way to reach her?

Please email with the details of your request. We can forward the email to her and may be able to suggest alternative sources for speakers in the likely case that her demanding schedule prevents her participation.

How can I order a copy of Acting on Faith, Fremont, U.S.A, On Common Ground, or a Pluralism Project Case Study?

Ordering information for Acting on Faith is available here and information about Fremont, USA is here.

On Common Ground: World Religions in America is now updated and available online, free of charge. When did that happen? And what happened to the CD-ROM? This transition to an online format happened in August 2013 and you can read more about the history and evolution of this resource by visiting the OCG “About” page.

World Religions in Boston is also available online and you can read about that history here.

Case studies that are a part of our Case Study Initiative are available by e-mailing Elinor Pierce, our research director and primary case writer, and Alexis Salomone, our assistant director.

How do I subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter?

Please visit our “Connect” page or send an email to with “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” in the subject line and we will make the change to our mailing list.

You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at the Project.

I want to use a photograph from the Pluralism Project website. What’s involved?

Many of our photographs are joint copyrighted with our affiliates, others are our copyright alone, and others we do not have any further rights to offer. Please send an email to detailing the specific photograph(s) you wish to use and for what purposes. Include a link to where the photograph appears on our site. We will then be able to let you know the status on the rights, and we may refer you to the photographer directly. Fees may be involved, especially if you require specific formats for publication.

How do I add or correct information in the Directory?

If your organization is in the Directory of Religious Centers with an incorrect address or contact information, please email with the updated information and we will correct it as soon as possible. We are not currently adding new sites to our directory. 

Can we have our organization’s Center Profile changed?

Please email with the corrections you suggest, and we may make the changes ourselves or may need to contact the researcher. Unlike the directory, the Center Profiles are the work of individual researchers and reflect a snapshot of a particular time in a center’s history. We appreciate receiving updates.

Do you offer research grants?

Currently, we are no longer able to offer research funding.

 Will you publish or publicize my book/movie/event?

We are always interested in learning more about current events and new publications. However, we only publicize events or publications that we have participated in, sponsored, or otherwise partnered with.

 How can I become involved in the Pluralism Project?

There are many ways to help with our work!

Did you find the answer to your question? If no, please contact us at We’d be happy to help!

We apologize if you have been experiencing outages with our website. We are working on fixing this in the short term and we will be launching an improved website early in 2020 that will not have the same issues. Thank you for your patience!
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